FLOW cosmetics- Bilberry Moisture Cream

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FLOW cosmetics- Bilberry Moisture Cream

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A light and nourishing moisturizer with Arctic Wild Bilberry Seed Oil nourishes and balances all skin types.

Bilberry Moisture Cream is a lightweight yet rich moisturizer that is a perfect day cream and suitable as a night cream when combined with serum, floral water or face oil (or why not with all of them together!).

Bilberry Moisture Cream is the perfect face cream for both dry and oily skin. The cream contains organic essential oils of lavender, neroli and rose geranium, which balance all skin types and soothe skin irritation. These essential oils also give the cream a soft herbal lavender scent.

This bilberry rich moisturizer absorbs quickly into your skin. You can use this moisturizer under makeup to give your skin extra hydration and elasticity. The makeup will spread better on moisturized skin, so you’ll get a more beautiful finish. On moisture-poor skin, makeup may stick unpleasantly to dry areas.

If an effective and natural facial cream is still missing from your go to products, you can stop searching – you’ve found it! We packed the cream in a convenient pump cap bottle for easy and hygienic dosing.