Palo Santo sticks
Palo Santo sticks

Ancient wisdom

Palo Santo sticks

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Palo Santo has been called a magical, mystical, rare, sacred and unique type of tree. This fragrant tree, is highly valued especially among European practitioners of meditation. Palo Santo has a light, sweet scent and similar scents are Frankinsence and Neroli.

Most people can feel the beneficial cleansing effects of Palo Santo right away, even if they are not sensitive to energy. It is also used by shamans and healers. Palo Santo is also ideal as incense. Indigenous peoples in South America have used it for thousands of years for sacred rituals and purification purposes.

bag includes 4 pcs of 2nd grade Palo santo pieces

WARNING. Always follow safety guidelines when smudging and playing with fire! Never leave the smudge stick alone when lit up, burn it only on a fire proof plate away from flammable materials and draft. Make sure it is fully extinguished when left alone.