Tropical Potion soy wax candle
Tropical Potion soy wax candle

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Tropical Potion soy wax candle

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A tropical potion of blue skies and golden shores. This scented candle will take you away on a magical holiday!

A tropical potion opening with the sweet aroma of fresh pineapple and juicy orange that leads into a creamy coconut core encased by soft almond and peach tones which rest on an indulgent bed of caramel swirled with sweet vanilla.

Each candle is carefully packed into an eco friendly magic forest illustrated cardboard box. Our candles are hand made in Finland in small batches. They are vegan soy wax candles and cruelty free.

Since each candle is hand poured, please allow us up to 1 week preparing time. 

Always follow candle safety guide lines when burning candles.

Our magical scented candles are hand-made with love to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss. To keep them looking their best and working their safest, enjoy a purer scent experience, and maintain their high quality, follow these steps:


  1. Before lighting your candle each time, trim the wick to 0,5cm to insure a proper burn.
  2. Allow the melt pool to reach across the entire candle top to prevent tunneling.
  3. For a stronger scent, burn several candles placed around the room
  4. Burn the candle no longer than 4 hours at a time
  5. Do not leave the candle unattended or near children, pets or flammable materials
  6. Candle glass and liquid is hot. Do not move your candle until it has cooled down
  7. Allow to cool and trim the wick before re-lighting
  8. Store in a cool place away from direct sun and close the lid (when cooled down) for longer-lasting scent